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I cultivate effective software teams. Building good software is hard. But hard things are accomplished by doing the easy things correctly until you succeed:

  • Provide people a clear objective – a hill to take
  • Give people latitude to exercise judgement
  • Expect people to own the objective
  • The only real progress is observable progress
  • Never make success contingent on a free lunch – there is no free lunch

Unfortunately, even the easy things can seem obscure in the fog of real world constraints. One of my most effective tools to help people see through this fog is writing down complex ideas in ways that expose what is essential to inform better decisions. I care deeply about helping people do their best work. When people are doing their best work it creates more degrees of freedom to thrive for both the individual and the ventures they pursue. For more in-depth treatment of my approach to building software check out my blog.

How can I help your business thrive?

Are you increasingly dependent on successful execution of technology projects but technology is not your core business?

Do the outcomes from your technology projects fail to delight?

I can be contacted at to explore the best options for how to leverage my experience on your behalf.

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